Debut album at the age of 59


Born in 1961 Singer/Songwriter Andreas Spranger 

has finally found the time to pull out of the drawer 

his own original music written during the past 40 years. 


No longer touring as a singer and guitar player from

gig to gig because of the Corona Virus, 

he started arranging and recording his songs.


" these unusual times, I can reach the ears of my audience

only in a special way, and they can support me only by 

downloading my music, my originals..." 


Three EP-Albums, each containing six songs, were released

in June, August and December 2020. 

All are available for listening and download 

at iTunes and Amazon and spotify


„...listen, download and please… if you like them, rate them and tell others..."


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Debut album at the age of 59


Andreas Spranger from Germany looks back to the experience 

of three decades on stage. Beside touring as a professional 

guitarplayer and singer he added around 50 originals during 40 years.

The Corona Pandemic, this global dramatic break for everyone, 

hits him in a particular way. It leaves a huge gap with

unforseeable consequences in his schedule. He says:

"...yawning emptiness, zero income, as far as I can see..."


No reason to laze around, quite the contrary!

He made this so called famous grip into his drawer,

picked out song by song, arranged them and

recorded them at home, as far as possible.

"...I was never ever that busy like in the past 300 days.

F.e. I worked on a song, maybe 16 hours try and error,

but I didn't quite succeed. 

Finally drained and tired out I went to bed, no inner peace,

no rest, staring holes into the air, rose again and continued

arranging for another 12 hours, what a disaster in my age..."

Often a typical process while being in creative activities.

On one side he wants to tease out the best of his songs, 

( better late than never ),

on another side he needs to create a new chance to make

money somehow, and finally, in a way he wants to reach his audience.

His idea:

"... in these unusual times, I can reach the ears of my audience 

only in a special way, and they can listen to me and support

me only in a special way. Downloading my music, my originals ..."

Three EP-Albums, each containing six songs,

were released in June, August and December 2020.

They are all exclusively available for listening and

download at iTunes and Amazon and spotify.


The first EP named: 

Andreas Spranger


 "...listen to the songs, download and please… tell others if you like them..."


Andreas Spranger works as a professional musician since 1994.

Usually he is touring with his guitar from gig to gig up and down in Germany.

With 150 gigs and more per season he earns one's living. Those were the days.

And now he opened his drawer, and out came about 50 songs, some of them 

have a nap for nearly 40 years. Some people might say, that's not an abundant 

output in that period. Leonard Cohen, not very famous for his tempo

of songwriting once said,"if I knew where the good songs came from,

I'd go there more often." Andreas Spranger's comment about it:


"...I don't need to write 1000 songs.

I’m happy with 50 good one‘s, unique one‘s. 

So many of my song ideas went straight into the waste bin,

after a while they simply petered out. I am very critical of myself.  

And in addition the most important fact, my philosophy of songwriting.

At the end of the day the audition allies you with

two, three compositions, no matter how many

somebody has written at all. It has a reason.

The reason is a underlying distinctive melody.

This is what I want to create, the high standards I want to fulfill..."


These are songs about beginning love, ending love, 

up's and down's in love, incidents which brought 

a lot of joy as well as a lot of pain to his life.

Various creative periods in the past brought transcending

genre results in his works:

Singer-Songwriter-Pop with english and german words,

60’s Pop, Shuffles ( fit for Boogie-Woogie-Dancing ), 

A Cappellas for "four-part-male-choir" in Bavarian Dialect,

and German Schlager. 

There is quite a bunch of guitar instrumentals as well, 

but he wants to arrange them full orchestrated as theme songs

fit for TV and movie productions in 2021.


The 2020 releases of 3 EP's, 

each containing 6 songs, are named:

A Particular June, A Unique August,

Die Welt Bleibt Schön. ( The World Remain Beautiful )