Once again I opened my drawer, containing all my unreleased compositions

which banked up there the last forty years.

There are instrumentals as well, originally written for guitar.

It is a challenge to arrange those melodies for orchestra,

and it is possible today by using virtual instruments.

So I will carry them one by one into public spotlight.



Inside this drawer there is also my "GRABNER",

insider know it, a standard reference in the matter of music theory and harmony. 

As a music autodidact I dived thousands of hours into it, from age 14 up to now.

That's my legitimacy to write proper melodies, without visiting a conservatory,

without musical studies, without paying thousands of Euros to another kind

of highwaymen in the music business: coaches and workshops. 


"...to write melodies, to set appropriate and "right" chord progressions,

to conduct indepentent voices of instruments which lead to a final arrangement,

is a talent nobody can teach you at all.

I'd like to show that in my contributions in film scoring contests..."




My scoring for "9th Zürich Filmfestival" 2021 



My scoring for fmc-Contest 2021



My scoring and contribution for 3. ScoreTheWorld contest.
„Like and Follow“ created by Brent Forrest and Tobias Schlage.




My scorings and contributions for OTICONS film music contest 2022